The Belt Cookie Table Cookbook

A treat for bakers. This book is everything we love about cookies and culture.


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The cookie table is a tradition beloved by residents of Youngstown, Pittsburgh, and parts in between. It has its roots in a time when wedding cakes were far too dear for newly arrived immigrants to purchase. Instead, family and friends showed their love for a bride and groom by baking from scratch hundreds (sometimes thousands) of cookies and other small sweet treats to be shared at the reception.

The Belt Cookie Table Cookbook includes cookies from different cultures, cookies with different textures, spices, shapes, and a trove of interesting backstories. Simple cookies, ridiculously indulgent cookies, experimental cookies―they’re all here. And most of all, this cookbook shares the tradition of the cookie table, a heartfelt way of building community that has endured through generations. In the tradition of the community cookbook. Author Bonnie Tawse, a former Atlas Obscura Field Agent, collects 41 recipes that include everything from pizzelles to potato chip cookies. A wonderful testament to a local baking tradition of the Midwest and a must for any kitchen large or small.

Author Bonnie Tawse is a writer and home baker committed to exploring the connections between food, community, and culture. She has co-hosted a Nordic Dinner series, is a former Atlas Obscura Field Agent, and helped establish children’s organic gardens in parks all over Chicago. Her writing has appeared in TimeOut, Chicago Kids, Chicago Parent, and for institutions such as the Cultural Landscapes Foundation and the Lurie Garden.

Foreword by Beth Kracklauer, food and drinks editor for the Wall Street Journal weekend edition.


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