The Belt Cookie Table Cookbook

A treat for bakers and recipe collectors, this book is everything we love about cookies and culture.


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In the Midwest, the cherished tradition of the Cookie Table originated when wedding cakes were too costly for immigrants. Family and friends took action, baking hundreds, sometimes thousands, of cookies and treats for the reception.

Explore a delightful array of cookies in “The Belt Cookie Table Cookbook,” representing various cultures, textures, spices, and shapes. This cookbook celebrates the enduring tradition of the cookie table. With 41 recipes, from Italian pizzelles to Brazilian brigdieros it brings tradition to life. This cookbook is a wonderful addition to any kitchen, inviting you to embrace the spirit of community embodied in this beloved Midwest tradition.

Author Bonnie Tawse is a writer and home baker committed to exploring the connections between food, community, and culture. She has co-hosted a Nordic Dinner series, is a former Atlas Obscura Field Agent, and helped establish children’s organic gardens in parks all over Chicago. Her writing has appeared in TimeOut, Chicago Kids, Chicago Parent, and for institutions such as the Cultural Landscapes Foundation and the Lurie Garden.

Foreword by Beth Kracklauer, food and drinks editor for the Wall Street Journal weekend edition.

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